Commitment Not Compromise

A Note From The CEO

The idea for TITANIUM WORLDWIDE was sparked by my experience as a diverse business owner, and the opportunities I had to work with like-minded entrepreneurs at other diverse companies. I was consistently inspired by the tremendous talent that lives within these organizations and the results we were able to achieve together for clients.

But time and again, I heard from clients a disheartening generalization: that their experience with our diverse company was the exception, rather than the rule...that there remained a concern about quality, scale and long-term feasibility of working with diverse companies.

There had to be a way to help clients see what I see.

And so, TITANIUM WORLDWIDE was born—a collective where diverse talent is transformed into a model that’s made to work in today’s business environment. Today, TITANIUM is a community of 17 best-in-class, client-centric companies who also happen to be certified-diverse.

Collective strength is what we represent; and we find it in our innovation and ideas, and our ability to make them happen. We find it in relationships that are sparked by shared goals, fueled by shared values and solidified by shared accomplishments.

Our collective strength is derived from the work we do with each other and with our clients; work that is thoughtfully planned, creatively expressed and tirelessly executed.

And finally, we draw from the collective strength of our members—people and companies that are gloriously different and yet intrinsically alike in all the ways that matter.

This is diversity. This is TITANIUM WORLDWIDE. I can’t wait to share our collective strength with you.


Our Commitment

We believe Diversity is a model for bringing differing points-of-view to any challenge and connecting with your community in a way that is reflective of its make-up. The tangible support of minority, women, and LGBT-owned businesses is a critical aspect of the Diversity model.